Rhonda Christianson

Permanent Cosmetics


Permanent Cosmetics is truly a passion of mine. I have had the pleasure of making women look and feel beautiful since 2005. Everyday is as fun and fulfilling as the day I started. Meeting women of all ages from all walks of life is such a wonderful opportunity!
I have found through out this journey, you are as young as you feel, and no matter what your age, or lifestyle may be, everyone wants the easiest way possible to look and feel their very best. I love being able to say I have played a small part in do that for many women from many places. I take much pride in what I do and I look forward to making your life a little easier with the many wonderful looks that Permanent Cosmetics can give you! You will be amazed at how wonderful you look and feel!

Permanent Cosmetic Services: eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrows, lip liner, full lip, blush, concealer, mucosal, freckles, moles, and micro pigmentation for hair loss in men and women.

q & a

What makes your clients the best?

I have really enjoyed the fun, joyful people and groups that come in. I see people of all ages, and no matter what age that is from 18-85, their spirits and youthful personalities make every day a pleasure.

what was your favorite salon chic moment?

When a group of elderly women traveled 5 hours to get their eyeliner and eyebrows tattooed. We pulled out a card table and they played cards as they waited for their turn. They were so full of life and we all enjoyed having them around all day!

ok... be honest, what's the worst hairstyle you ever tried?

I’m always having bad hair days! Haha